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Not quite in the city but does start just of a street with houses on and this category does need more entry’s.

Right first challenge with this climb is finding it and for that i will only provide the map above, which believe it or not may not be sufficient for many.  I feel this could be a hidden secret which I am going to ruin by highlighting (or over I am over egging the reach of this blog !!!).

Other challenges to overcome include, the road surface (terrible) and the presence of mud and farm debris which can lead to wheels turning but going nowhere.  An interesting problem on a 19% incline.

This climb has a lovely couple of bends which don’t reveal the upcoming incline until right at the last moment.


  • Average incline 8%
  • Max incline 19% (hit on two separate occasions)
  • 219 ft if incline covered in 0.5 mile


Well been a little while

This is a short sharp climb which takes you from Rivelin to Crosspool, needs to be seen as two climbs as there is a road junction at the top of Hagg Hill which will require a stop and giving way.  This adds to the challenge, either of balance when not unclipping for a steep hill start if forced to put a foot down.

To add interest as I cycled past the other day I am sure the council were re-surfacing, something the road was in desperate need of.  As always with these climbs the length is reasonably insignificant, no that it will feel like that halfway up the climb.

Hagg Hill

  • Max gradient 24% experienced right at the end
  • Average gradient 19.1%
  • Ascends 178 ft in 0.2 mile

Stephen Hill

  • Max gradient 16%
  • Average gradient 11.8%
  • Ascends 261 ft in 0.4 mile



Difficult this one, in as much as should it be classed as a city or countryside climb ?.  Have decided to include in the city climb section as it does end in an urban area.

As soon as you turn off Manchester road the incline starts immediately, there are two distinct kicks with a flatter section (8-9% incline) linking them.  The views up and across the rivelin valley are difficult to admire as the final switch back and 17% gradient are added to an uneven road surface, all of which makes the legs ache.


  • Average gradient 9.3%
  • Max gradient 19%
  • 348 ft of ascent in 0.7 mile


Good enough for Lord Coe, who apparently used this road as part of his training route, then good enough for this blog.

Near Sheffield University sports centre and in the middle of a popular student area this short climb goes past the university business department.

Easily made part of a very up and down route using surrounding streets.


  • Average gradient 9.7%
  • Max Gradient 15%
  • 68 ft of ascent in 0.1 mile

3: Hanging Water

Posted: June 12, 2013 in Sheffield City Hill Climbs


Starting in a dip surrounded by Whiteley wood this climb passes through a couple of switch backs before becoming a straight slog to the top.  The very fact residents don’t park on the road when its snowing or the roads are icy in winter should give you an idea  of the gradient and challenge ahead.

Turning right at the top gives you an easy run out to the peak district and a play ground of climbs to enjoy.


  • Average gradient 13.2%
  • Max gradient 20%
  • 274 ft ascent in 0.4 mile


From the lights on Langsett road all the way up to Walkley, this is a residential area climb with a cruel bend at the mid point.

The climb does go on further but the route shown ends at a set of traffic lights near the top which if red will destroy any strava (other GPS tracking apps are available) KOM run.  Therefore, i have ended the route just before them, all the highest gradient is encountered in the above route.

To extend the climb just carry on up the hill beyond the lights


  • Average gradient 8.7%
  • Max gradient 13%
  • 270 ft of ascent in 0.6 mile


Good enough for Le Tour, good enough to start this blog with.

Featuring at the end of the second stage in 2014.


  • Average gradient 11.2%
  • max gradient 17%      
  • 310ft ascent over 0.5mile